Peter Bablis

In today’s world, people are looking for health methods and techniques that are highly effective, natural and can treat all kinds of problems. Peter Bablis is a health care professional who provides these services. He has great knowledge in using natural ways to treat and prevent health issues. Peter Bablis has expertise in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Medical Herbalism, Sports Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. He is the former President of the Acupuncture Association of Australia and is the founder of the Universal Healthcare Centers in Sydney. Renowned for standing firmly in the field of complementary and alternative medicine over the past 25 years, Peter Bablis uses a combination of both traditional and modern treatment methods to bring solution to several health problems including stress, back pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, restlessness, joint pains and many more. These problems can lead to larger complexities if not given proper attention. Peter Bablis makes sure that these health issues are properly taken care of. He provides effective management for all forms of disorders. It is rare for one Doctor to have such an array of qualifications and skills. With this vast scope of techniques and approaches, each patient receives the most effective care.

He only recruits qualified and certified health care professionals for his clinics. In order to maintain this standard of care, Peter Bablis and his team spend considerable time devoted to continuing professional development and training. He works alongside his team of chiropractors and other certified professionals in providing treatment, advice and supplements to patients. He prescribes remedies for health issues such as anxiety problems, conduct disorder, language difficulties, mood disorder, communication disorders and other mental and physical disabilities. Peter and his team are able to thoroughly examine the causes of chemical, physical and emotional issues and provide the latest treatment options in Complementary and Integrated Medicine.

Peter Bablis is a man who has been involved in research and has over 15 peer reviewed publications. He recently completed a PhD on the treatment of chronic low back pain using mind-body therapy in 2015.

Instead of treating the effects of an illness, he investigates for the cause of the ailment and administers treatment and supplements to restore and sustain the patient’s well-being. Having a degree in Clinical Nutrition, Peter is also able to assist patients with revising their diet when necessary, seeking to eliminate chemical imbalances causing poor health.  Also his PhD in pyscho-somatic medicine enables Peter to assist in the emotional health of his patients.

The health triad of physical, chemical and emotional balance is examined, using evidence-based research in these areas to ensure the latest techniques are being utilized.



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